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Custom extrusion and molded products for every industry sector!

Who We Are

Dacon Industries is a full-service rubber & plastics extrusion and molding manufacturer; providing a range of custom and standard profile solutions to clients across North America. Operating three manufacturing plants throughout the United States, Dacon Industries will lower logistical costs and provide faster lead-times. Our collaborative, responsive approach enables us to develop tailored solutions that address specific needs and maximize results.

Since our beginning in 1991, our philosophy has been “service with integrity”. (Integrity is defined as doing the right thing… even when no one is watching!) This philosophy is more than an attitude, it is in our DNA. With every part we produce, every order we ship, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. We are guided by solid ethical standards, which ensure your complete satisfaction.

Dedicated to the manufacture of quality, competitively priced, Molded and Extruded Rubber & Plastic Parts… Precision Crafted… Every Time!

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Quality is of the utmost importance at DACON. It starts with order entry and ends with prompt delivery. Additionally, documentation, material, and product specifications are closely monitored by our highly trained & knowledgeable quality control personnel at each location, each maintaining an ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Experience is the key in producing quality rubber & plastic products. At DACON, we have assembled a team of expert manufacturing professionals with a common goal of producing the finest extruded and molded products. From simple to complex, DACON produces more than 20 compound types; in hundreds of formulations. Rest assured DACON can produce what you need and to your most exacting specifications.

Our in-house CNC machining system saves you time & money when we machine your tooling, and produce your products under the same roof. With a full line of modern, high efficiency molding equipment, we can adapt to existing tooling; whether your tooling is transfer, compression, or injection, we can adjust for the process that best suits your needs.

With Wire-EDM die making systems at all three DACON manufacturing facilities, our development-to-production turn around is unmatched!

We extrude your rubber & plastic products from advanced extrusion equipment; with salt-line, autoclave, and hot air curing methods available.

Options like high speed in-line cutting, dot-matrix part marking and specialty fabrication provide you the advantage of a one-stop shop.

Moreover, we can splice your extruded cross-section utilizing injection presses or direct vulcanization; single or multiple splices, corners or other configurations, DACON can do it all…

DACON is dedicated to serving industry with quality, precision crafted, rubber & plastic products; produced on time and at competitive prices. We value our customers and pledge to treat everyone with pride and respect.

DACON Industries… Dedicated to your satisfaction.

Our Services

  • Injection, Transfer & Compression Molding

    Large or small quantities, Dacon has the capability to run your job through our new injection presses. We can use your existing tooling or create new tooling for you in our state of the art machine shop.

  • Rubber & Silicone Extrusion

    We can accommodate any size of extruded rubber products from .01 lbs/ft up to 125 lbs/ft and as large as 24” in diameter – form cured and continuous cured parts submerged in our liquid salt bath at each of our facilities.

  • Plastic Extrusion

    We offer PVC, Santoprene, TPV and many other polymers from the most rigid to the most flexible materials.

  • CNC Machining & Wire-EDM Die Making

    Dacon has added the CNC in conjunction with the wire-EDM system to facilitate in-house die and mold-making capabilities – increasing the accuracy of your profiles.

  • Calendering

    Dacon Calendering offers an extensive line of high quality USA-made rubber materials. We produce calendered sheeting in thicknesses ranging from 1/64 inch to ½ inch; and standard widths of 36, 48, and 55 inches, in untrimmed rolls.

  • Specialty Fabrication

    Precision drilling and cutting to your exact specifications.