Signature Products


BAYSEAL™ the leader in self sealing glass installation extrusions which can be supplied in high wax or plain material, and in large industrial coils.

Our proprietary blend of ethylene, propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is the reason Bayseal is your best choice. It has outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone, and sunlight. It has resistance to many of the harshest chemicals. It has good electrical properties, low temperature flexibility, excellent heat, water and steam resistance. Useful temperature range is -58° F to +300° F ( 50° C to +150° C ).

EPDM is the best choice available today in terms of performance and long-term weather resistance. UV resistance and flexibility well past -40 degrees Celsius are only some of the properties which make EPDM an excellent sealing material for the extremes of the any climate, whether it’s sealing a windshield against the harshness of an Illinois winter or the window of a desert cafe’ under the relentless Arizona sun. EPDM remains flexible even at temperatures below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Structural expansion or contraction that would crack or tear other materials does not affect EPDM.

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Truck Fenders

Dacon Industries’ fender extensions are widely used in the truck, bus, trailer, and 4 wheel drive recreational vehicle marketplace. Fenders reduce spray and help prevent dented and scraped fenders. Our fenders are impervious to weathering and ozone attack.

Dacon fenders are readily installed by bolting or riveting to vehicles. All states allow the fenders to extend beyond the vehicle due to the resilient nature of the fenders. Dacon Fenders are radius cured to prevent wrinkling or buckling and will fit nearly every wheel well.

Crown Bar

Dacon’s rubber crown bar is designed to greatly reduce shock and vibration to the shaker screen and extend the life of the frame end screen. Our proprietary blend of rubber is formulated specifically to resist tears, cuts and provides superior weather resistance. Our Crown bar channel is used in aggregate yards & mines all over North America, and is available in extra heavy top for even the toughest situations.

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Dacon Industries’ Rail Seal is made to your exact specification of rubber material. Rail Seal protects the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, provides a positive flange way which controls surface water runoff, and prevents breakup of the asphalt at the rail interface.

Our Rail Seal design has several benefits over other rail seal products. The panels are easy to handle and install. Our rail seal’s greater surface area provides better cushioning to the rail and is self-supporting.

The durability of our rubber compound makes Dacon Rail Seal ideal for any cross-traffic situation. Either asphalt or concrete can be used in conjunction with Dacon’s Rail Seal.


Dacon Industries Co. is a leading diversified, manufacturer of organic and inorganic rubber products.

Dacon Calendering offers an extensive line of high quality USA-made rubber. From malls to apartment buildings, and from industrial to military, Dacon Industries has been providing quality rubber products to American Industry and our Military for over 20 years.

We produce calendered sheeting in thicknesses ranging from 1/64 inch to ½ inch; and standard widths of 36, 48 and 55 inches, in untrimmed rolls. Our manufacturing capabilities include custom mixing and compounding, Calendering, custom dimensions, color matching, stenciling, private branding and a variety of finishes including smooth cello-finish and fabric.

We work closely with our customers to provide them with answers and solutions. We can provide custom rubber formulations at cost-effective remedies for long or short runs.

Dacon’s calender department is committed to providing world-class calender sheet goods. We are able to process both cured and uncured material of various types. (Fabric inserts and fabric finishes) and with continuous process improvements, we are able to support our current and future customers. Our seasoned operators and support staff partner with our customers to meet expectations and contribute to their success.

Our calender machines make sure your material comes out smooth or fabric finished with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Standard Products

  • Bulb Trim Seals
  • Bumpers
  • Edge Trim
  • Gaskets
  • Tubing
  • Calendering
  • Rubber Floor Matting
  • Sheeting
  • Solid Profiles
  • Weather Stripping
  • Window Channel

Custom Fabrication
If your extrusion needs are of a more custom nature, our computer controlled wire-EDM die making process can produce the most precise die in the shortest time frame.